2019 House Bill Introductions

HF 111: A bill to allow counties and cities to establish standards for the installation and siting of wireless facilities.
Status: Introduced 1/24/19; referred to Local Government.

HF 154: A bill to allow IOU customers to choose whether to allow the installation of smart meters; prohibits the offer of incentives to encourage customer smart meter adoption.
Status:  Introduced 1/29/19; referred to Local Government.  Subcommittee:  Shipley, Kressig and Thompson. Subcommittee hearing set for 2/20/19.

HF 159: Allowing local boards of supervisors to establish standards and requirements for the installation or siting of wind generation.
Status:  Introduced 1/30/19; referred to Commerce. 

HF 193: A bill to require wind turbine setbacks to be at least 2500 feet from any residential property.
Status: Introduced 2/4/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 239: A bill to attempt to allow a successor of a railroad to NOT allow the utilities to make use of current laws on a utility’s ability to cross over or use railroad rights-of-way by public utilities, also applies to former railroad rights-of-way and the new owner or railroad successor.
Status: Introduced 2/9/19; referred to State Government.

HF 261: Formerly HSB 3. Clarifying that city utility board members may only be removed for cause.
Status: Introduced as HSB 3 on 1/17/19; referred to Commerce.  Passed subcommittee (3-0) 1/23/19. Passed full Commerce Committee (22-1) 2/5/19. Renumbered as HF 261; pending on House floor. 

HF 269: A bill requiring utilities cost disclosures on rental properties.
Status Introduced 2/6/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 346: This bill would revise the current state renewable energy mandate, which required the two IOUs to install or purchase 105 MW of alternative (renewable) energy. The IOUs would have a new mandate of 105 MW of solar power (or solar with battery) by January 1, 2021; and 2500 MW of solar by January 1, 2025—with 10 percent of the solar to come from facilities with a nameplate capacity of 20 kW or less.
Status: Introduced 2/12/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 347: This bill prohibits IOUs from recovering costs from customers for the closure of a nuclear generation plant.
Status: Introduced 2/12/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 359: A bill requiring the IUB to interpret all rules and requirements in a manner that promotes renewable energy and the transition to a carbon constrained environment.
Status: Introduced 2/13/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 365: Requiring the IOUs to stop using coal by 2030; and to discontinue all fossil fuels by 2040.
Status: Introduced 2/13/19; referred to Commerce.

HF 459: A bill to make the Iowa Public Information Board subject to open meetings and public records.
Status: Introduced 2/20/19; referred to State Government. 

HF 476: A bill to increase solar energy tax credits and to make an allocation from the general fund.
Status: Introduced 2/21/19; referred to Ways and Means.

HF 487: Formerly HSB 155, a bill to limit local governing bodies’ ability to deny applications for the building of certain cell towers in rights-of-way.
Status: Introduced 2/12/19 as HSB  155; referred to Public Safety. Subcommittee recommends passage 2/18/19. Full Committee recommends Do Pass as amended 2/19/19.  

HSB 2: A bill to allow other methods for public bidding (design build, construction manager-at-risk, etc.).
Status: Introduced 1/16/19; referred to State Government. Subcommittee assigned: Reps. T. Moore, Hunter, and Thompson. Set for subcommittee hearing 2/7/19.

HSB 52: A bill prohibiting the use of public resources for a political purpose; including websites, email, computer hardware, telephones, or public moneys.
Status: Introduced 1/24/19; referred to State Government. Subcommittee: McKean, Mitchell, and Steckman. Set for subcommittee hearing 2/5/19.

HSB 80: A bill allowing the Army Corps of Engineers to require mitigation of stream and wildlife areas; or in lieu thereof, add additional fees for stream and wildlife mitigation.
Status: Introduced 1/28/19; referred to Environmental Protection. Subcommittee:  Gerhold, Gassman, and Steckman. Set for hearing 2/13/19.

HSB 81: A bill revising appeals, permits for certain water discharge, and waste disposal permits for the IA DNR.
Status: Introduced 1/28/19; referred to Environmental Protection. Subcommittee:  Shipley, T. Moore, and Anderson. Subcommittee recommends passage 2/12/19.

HSB 145: This bill changes current language as it pertains to utility crossings at railroads.  Current law on utility crossings applies to railroads “and their successors”. This bill would change “successors” to “entities created by a railroad”. The result is that any successor or purchaser of rail property is NOT subject to current state laws to allow rail crossings by utilities under a certain state procedure. This would make such crossings more expensive and burdensome for utilities.
Status: Introduced 2/11/10; referred to State Government. Subcommittee: Hinson, Mitchell and Derry.

HSB 149: A bill exempting emergency generators from state sales and use taxes on the purchase price and the installation costs of the generators.
Status: Introduced 2/11/19; referred to Ways and Means. Subcommittee:  Wheeler, Hite and Brown-Powers. 

HSB 160: A bill revising notice of public meetings. It would state that open meetings laws applies to advisory boards, advisory commissions, advisory committees, task forces, or any other body that was  “formally and directly” created by a governmental body. It also clarifies that a “meeting” takes place whenever deliberations or recommendations are taking place, not just policy decisions. This bill is proposed by the Iowa Public Information Board.
Status: Introduced 2/12/19; referred to Local Government. Subcommittee:  McKean, Bossman and Hunter. Subcommittee hearing set 2/20/19.

HSB 185: A bill to allow IOUs to set tariffs and various rates to recover full costs from customers with distributed generation.
Status: Introduced 2/20/19; referred to Commerce. Subcommittee: G. Mohr, Carlson and Forbes.  

HJR 2: A resolution to amend the state Constitution to establish a victim’s bill of rights (Marsy’s Law).
Status: Introduced 1/24/19; referred to Judiciary.

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