Member Services

Legislative and regulatory

MRES works to strengthen the political presence of its members to policymakers and other elected officials at the local, state and federal levels. MRES keeps its members updated about important energy-related issues through our newsletters, websites, and meetings held throughout the year. Weekly legislative updates at the state level are provided to MRES members when the legislatures are in session. To learn more about other federal and state legislative and regulatory information, click here.

Maintenance testing programs

Digital Infrared Services
Using the latest in high-definition equipment, our certified thermographer measures and records precise temperature variations inside electrical and mechanical equipment. The digital images identify "hot spots" that are early indicators of problems.

Ultrasonic Inspection Services
Leaks in compressed air or gas systems, vibrations in motors, and the flow of electricity past insulators all create noise that cannot be heard by the human ear. Ultrasonic "translator" equipment is used to convert the noise and vibrations into sounds that can be heard, pinpointed, and measured.

Motor Testing
In today's business environment, motor management and maintenance efforts are key to reducing manufacturing costs, increasing return on investments, and improving reliability. The MRES Motor Testing Program uses motor current analysis to test the windings in electrical motors.

To schedule your digital infrared, ultrasonic or motor testing inspections today, email us at Or call 1-800-678-4042.

Download our MRES Maintenance Program brochure.

Newsletter, brochures and other communications

MRES produces a number of publications to inform its members communities, their customers, and the public about MRES operations, programs, services, and other activities, and to disseminate information about the electric industry in general. Please click on the News and Publications tab at the top for more information.


Questline is a free technical assistance service that provides technical, business, research, and information assistance quickly and easily.

Questline is provided at no cost because we value our relationships with our members. We understand that if the companies we serve are strong--then we are strong.

The Questline service includes an online library of information with a database of technical business and engineering documents and resources. You can browse through the library topics or use the powerful keyword search engine to find the information you need. The online portal also includes targeted research tools (for patent searches, MSDS documents, company profile information, workplace posters, and more) and benchmark industry data.

If you can't find exactly what you need in the Questline library, the service also includes a technical, marketing, and problem-solving "Ask An Expert" hotline service that MRES also provides free to our members. There is no usage limit, all questions and answers are held in strict confidence, and answers are typically issued within 24-48 hours.

Register now for the MRES Questline to get answers to your questions!

To gain access, call 1-800-824-0488, or email

Retail rate studies

Rising wholesale power costs and changing local costs can result in rate pressure.  An MRES rate study can help your utility plan for the future by anticipating when rate changes should occur.

MRES rate studies include five-year income and reserve projections; a cost-of-service analysis; and rate design and unbundling.  Rate comparisons included in the study allow the utility to evaluate its competitive position. MRES also tackles utility specific billing or other concerns.  Lastly, MRES staff presents information to policymakers, municipal staff, and others.

For more information about our electric and water rate studies, contact MRES at 605-338-4042.

Training and education

MRES offers a range of practical training and education opportunities throughout the year to help its members' employees keep up-to-date on industry-related issues. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Distribution maintenance program

Every business continuously searches for and examines ways to streamline its operations and improve efficiency. The electric utility business is no different.

Regular maintenance of the distribution system is crucial to ensure that electric rates remain competitive and reliability remains high. That’s why Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) offers a unique program targeted to keeping the quality of long-term municipal distribution system maintenance high and costs down.

Distribution Maintenance Brochure

The MRES Distribution Maintenance Program, launched in 1998, provides member utilities an option to contract with MRES crews to maintain electric distribution lines and other related services. MRES employs a reliable and professional group of technicians who perform the daily line maintenance necessary to enhance reliability and power quality for a distribution system. These technicians also provide project-specific services to municipals in areas such as directional boring, line reconductoring, and construction of new lines on an expanding system.