Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) is continually looking for smart investments that will help slow our members' peak load growth, save them money, and delay the need to invest in additional generating resources. That's why we're aggressively pursuing activities such as energy efficiency incentive programs and coordinated demand response programs.

Bright Energy Solutions

Bright Energy Solutions® is an energy efficiency program that provides rebates to those who install qualified new energy-saving technologies or retrofit existing equipment in their homes or businesses. If offers our members' customers ways to save energy and save money--from energy efficient heating and cooling to efficient motors to new lighting projects.

Get the Load Down

Get the Load DownSM is the Bright Energy Solutions coordinated demand response program. The CDR program is focusing on direct load control, primarily through the cycling of air conditioners and electric water heaters. Email us for more information about the Get the Load Down program.

Click here for the CDR Program Request Form.

Maintenance testing programs

Digital Infrared Services
Using the latest in high-definition equipment, our certified thermographer measures and records precise temperature variations inside electrical and mechanical equipment. The digital images identify "hot spots" that are early indicators of problems.

Ultrasonic Inspection Services
Leaks in compressed air or gas systems, vibrations in motors, and the flow of electricity past insulators all create noise that cannot be heard by the human ear. Ultrasonic "translator" equipment is used to convert the noise and vibrations into sounds that can be heard, pinpointed, and measured.

Motor Testing
In today's business environment, motor management and maintenance efforts are key to reducing manufacturing costs, increasing return on investments, and improving reliability. The MRES Motor Testing Program uses motor current analysis to test the windings in electrical motors.

To schedule your digital infrared, ultrasonic or motor testing inspections today, email us at Or call 1-800-678-4042.

Download our MRES Maintenance Program brochure.