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2016 Annual Report

This year’s annual report describes the way our member communities, Boards of Directors, and MRES work together to achieve success for the organization and for our membership as a whole. All of the positive results we have achieved throughout the year are due to the teamwork and partnership that exists between MRES and our member communities.

2015 Annual Report

Stronger Together. Fifty years ago, leaders of local municipal utilities joined together to establish what is now Missouri River Energy Services, one of the first multi-state joint-action agencies in the United States. They had a clear vision for the kind of organization they wanted to create, and they believed that by pooling resources and talent, they could accomplish together what would be difficult and costly to do alone. 

2014 Annual Report

2014 was a year of Building Strong--a year of opportunities, accomplishments, and challenges. This report highlights our efforts in 2014, and we're pleased to share our results.

2013 Annual Report

Every day we serve our members. And every day we deliver on our promise to provide cost-effective and reliable energy to meet the needs of our member communities and their customers. 2013 was a remarkable year for MRES. We posted a strong year both financially and operationally. We continued to work on projects that will propel us forward for future growth and will have long-term impacts for our organization.

2012 Annual Report

Missouri River's 47th year of serving our members could be described as Energy in the Works; a year in which we rolled up our sleeves, continued to do the hard work and achieved excellent results. We are optimistic about the outlook for the electric utility industry. We are confident in the solid foundation we've established and we are staying true to the mission we created 47 years ago--to serve our members.

2011 Annual Report

2011 was a milestone year for Missouri River Energy Services. We delivered a strong performance, both financially and operationally. We are investing in our core business--providing reliable and affordable energy and energy services to our members.

2010 Annual Report: Reliability

We expect the lights to turn on with the flip of a switch. We expect the television to project our favorite show with the push of a button. We use electricity every minute of every day. We rely on electricity. In turn, our members rely on MRES to provide them with reliable and reasonably priced energy and energy services. And for the last 45 years, it's been our mission to meet our members' needs so their communities can grow and prosper.


2009 Annual Report: Resilience

Resilience is the perfect word to characterize the events and activities of 2009 that tested the strength of MRES and its members. Simply put, this year was one of the most challenging in our 45 years of existence. We faced a number of disappointments along the way, but we also welcomed many opportunities that helped MRES and our members succeed in the business of providing reliable and affordable electricity and energy-related services. 


2008 Annual Report: Balancing Our Energy Future

In an era of growing demand for electricity and a heightened awareness of the environment, today's electric utilities find themselves in a unique position as power providers and protectors of the environment. In this year's annual report, we'll tell you what we've accomplished so far, and what we think are the keys to maintaining a balanced approach to our energy future.


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