Federal Legislative

MRES and its members remain active and involved in the legislative process, and we accomplish that through an aggressive legislative effort.

Energy-related issues continue to remain a focus at our nation's capital, and our staff closely monitors pending federal legislation relevant to MRES and its members. Working with our congressional delegation and other key policymakers is an integral part of our work agenda.

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Cyber Security

EPA Clean Power Plan 

Tax-Exempt Financing


Federal Regulatory

MRES and its members actively monitor and participate in major federal regulatory matters, as the regulatory landscape is rapidly changing.  We participate or intervene in matters that affect MRES and our member municipal electric utilities through targeted efforts in specific agency dockets. 

Environmental Protection Agency

Carbon Pollution Standards affecting power plants (new, modified/reconstructed, and existing)
EPA Clean Power Plan informational site

EPA Final CO2 Rule
Docket and Comments site

EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP) Implementation Proposals: Federal Plan, Model Trading Rules, and Clean Energy Incentive Program 
NOTE: scroll down toward the bottom to the section heading “August 3, 2015 – Proposed Federal Plan for the Clean Power Plan”

Docket and Comments site

MRES Comments on CPP Implementation Proposals

Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (joint proposal)

Proposed Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule:
EPA informational site
Docket and Comments site  

On Oct. 9, 2015, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order staying the implementation of the WOTUS rule throughout the United States while the court determines – in a separate pending case – whether it has jurisdiction over this topic under the Clean Water Act, or whether this should be a matter for the federal district courts. A similar case is pending in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and there is an ongoing dispute over which court has jurisdiction to decide which is the proper forum to decide this matter.